The 2017 Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of The Sudbury Savoyards took place on June 4, 2017 in Hawes Hall of the Sudbury United Methodist Church. On the agenda was the presentation of the 2017 Yeomen of Regard Honoree, James Ravan. Please visit Jim's Yeomen of Regard page for more about his long term contributions to the Savoyards.

In addition, there was an election for new members of the Board of Trustees. Congratulations go to newly elected members of the Board, James Ravan, Michael Zimmer, and Rich Olsen.

Reports from all of the various committees were presented. You can find these reports below as well as the survey results from the 2017 production of The Mikado.

The Mikado - Survey Results

Survey Results - The Mikado, 2017

Committee Reports

All Committee Reports in one PDF file.

Individual Reports:


Audit and Finance

Church Relations




Show Selection

Final Comments