The Yeomen of the Guard


Sunday, October 21, 2018 @ 2:00pm

Monday, October 22, 2018 @ 7:30pm

Goodnow Library Community Room
21 Concord Road
Sudbury MA 01776


Callbacks (if needed):

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 @ 7:30pm
Location TBD

The Sudbury Savoyards are thrilled to announce their Winter 2019 production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard. Set in the Tower of London in the days of Henry VIII, the show has elements of comedy, tragedy, intimacy and pageantry. All lead roles are available.

Auditioners for Lead Roles

Please prepare one verse or about 32 measures of a song in English that shows your strengths, preferably from the Gilbert & Sullivan repertoire or classic operetta/musical theater. Bring sheet music in your key for the accompanist (bring two copies if you need one). There is no fee to audition; reservations are not required. You will also be reading from the script; sides will be provided and you will be given time to go over them. Bring a headshot and bio if you have one. If not, we will have a camera available.


NO Auditions needed for CHORUS roles. ALL voices are welcome in our Yeomen chorus. The chorus has beautiful music in varying moods and takes an active part in the drama. If interested in a chorus role please come and register on either date above.

Leadership Team

Stage Direction: Tony Parkes

Music Direction: Kathryn Denney

Producer: Graham Daley

Character Breakdown and Vocal Ranges

Sir Richard Cholmondeley: Middle-aged. In total charge of the Tower; what he says goes. Self-confident; exercises his authority naturally, with no need to strut or bluster. Stern but not heartless. Strong voice, both speaking and singing; needs to cut through crowd noise. Bass or baritone, low A to E flat above middle C.

Colonel Fairfax: Young adult. A war hero, now a gentleman and amateur scientist. Brave in battle, philosophical about his impending death; but once saved, begins to show some less than admirable qualities. Toys with both Elsie’s and Phoebe’s affections. Needs to find the balance between nice guy and cad. Tenor, low D to high A flat.

Sergeant Meryll: Middle-aged. An old soldier enjoying his semi-retirement as a ceremonial Tower guard. A widower with two grown children whom he loves dearly. Warm, genial, well-liked by his fellow Yeomen; adroit at sidestepping Dame Carruthers’ advances – until now. Bass or baritone, low G to E flat above middle C.

Leonard Meryll: Young adult. The Sergeant’s son, just back from the wars. Appears briefly at the beginning and end of the show. In between he is in hiding, with the option of singing in the chorus disguised as a hooded monk. Tenor, low D to high A flat.

Jack Point: Young adult. An itinerant jester. Travels with Elsie; in love with her, though the depth of his love is uncertain and he’s not very good at expressing it. We first see him in his professional element, where he talks a good game; he becomes increasingly distraught during the show as his fortunes fade. Must dance or at least move well; must be able to collapse suddenly and believably (not comically). Light baritone, with excellent diction and good sense of rhythm and pitch; low A to F above middle C.

Wilfred Shadbolt: Young adult. A jailer/torturer who seems ambivalent about his work. Fancies himself a wit; aspires to be a jester. Infatuated with Phoebe; insanely jealous of everything in sight. Somewhat loutish, but not excessively so. Some dance and physical comedy required. Bass or baritone, low G to E above middle C.

Yeomen 1, 2, 3, 4: Tower guards with brief solo and small-ensemble work. Will be cast from the chorus. Yeoman #2 (baritone) has a longer solo and may be auditioned for if desired.

Citizens 1 & 2: Rowdy townsfolk, with brief spoken lines in one scene. Must be male for dramatic reasons. Will be cast from the chorus.

The Headsman: A solidly built man who stands impressively upstage center in one scene. Can be a non-singing walk-on, or can dress and sing as a Yeoman in the other ensemble scenes.

Elsie Maynard: Teen / young adult. An itinerant singer. Travels with Jack Point; it’s never made clear how she feels about him. Street smart, can defend herself from molesters, but inexperienced in love. We need to see her vitality and vulnerability. Must move well. Lyric soprano, D above middle C to high B flat above the treble clef.

Phoebe Meryll: Teen / young adult. The Sergeant’s daughter. Spunky, flirtatious; wears her heart on her sleeve. Infatuated with Fairfax, whom she’s seen only from afar. Repulsed by Wilfred, though she may have toyed with him before he became a jailer. Some physical comedy required. Light, easy mezzo, A flat below middle C to high F.

Dame Carruthers: Middle-aged. In charge of the housekeeping staff, whom she rules with an iron fist. Identifies strongly with the Tower, despite (or perhaps because of) its bloody history. Never married; has her eye on the recently widowed Sergeant Meryll. Contralto, G below middle C to high F.

Kate: Teen / young adult. Dame Carruthers’ niece. Her primary function is to take the top line in one quartet; traditionally acts as the Dame’s secretary (and stool-pigeon?). Ability to hold pitch is essential. Soprano, F sharp above middle C to high G.

Character Breakdown and Vocal Ranges in downloadable PDF


Please feel free to download and fill these forms out ahead of time. Paper copies will be available at auditions.

Audition Form

Cast Blocking Questionnaire

Member Registration

Other Information

Tech Week and Production Dates will be February 16-March 3, 2019.

The Sudbury Savoyards is an open and accepting group that has been producing Gilbert and Sullivan “on a grand scale” for 57 years. We build our own sets, sew our own costumes, and field a 25-piece orchestra. Our members range from teens to retirees, with many two- and three-generation families. We strive to put on an artistically and technically excellent production, and we keep the “community” in community theater!