The Grand Duke (Winter/Spring 2022)

After a year hiatus from our mainstage show – a first in our 60-year history –  we are very excited at the prospect of getting back on the stage with The Grand Duke.  We expect to move forward with the two-ring circus (party), auditions, and rehearsals starting fall of 2021!  We know that many of you are excited about getting back to it with us!

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Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Grand Duke
(a plot summary care of the Wikipedia):

In The Grand Duke, Gilbert and Sullivan come full circle, back to the theme of their first collaboration, Thespis: a troupe of actors taking political power. The plot hinges on the mis-interpretation of a 100-year-old law regarding statutory duels (decided by drawing cards). The baffled leading man of the troupe, Ludwig, spearheads the rebellion against the hypochondriac, miserly Grand Duke and becomes engaged to four different women before the plot is resolved. The frugality and phoniness of the wealthy classes and the nobility is lampooned and, as in Princess IdaThe MikadoThe Gondoliers, and Utopia, Limited, the foreign setting emboldens Gilbert to use some particularly pointed satire. 

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