The Grand Duke (Winter/Spring 2022)

After a year hiatus from our mainstage show – only the second in our 60-year history – the Sudbury Savoyards are thrilled to be planning a return to the stage with Gilbert and Sullivan’s Grand Duke for winter/spring of 2022. Rehearsals start mid-November and the show opens at Lincoln/Sudbury Regional HS on Friday, February 25th

We are pleased to announce the cast The Grand Duke 2022: 

Rudolph, Grand Duke of Pfennig Halpfennig – Ben Morse
Ernest Dummkopf,  Company Manager – Steve Huff
Ludwig, Leading Comedian – Tom Frates
Dr. Tannhauser, Notary – Brad Amidon
The Prince of Monte Carlo – Santo Mammone
Herald – Randy Glidden
Ben Hashbaz and the Detective – Jon Saul
The Princess of Monte Carlo – Lindsey Soboleski
The Baroness von Krakenfeldt – Carolyn Kelly Schwartz
Julia Jellicoe – Elaine Crane
Lisa – Julianna Smith
Olga – Graham Daley
Gretchen – Donegan Moore
Bertha – Debbie Crane
Elsa – Ann Ferentz
Martha – Kerry Tamm

Thank you to everyone who came out to auditions! 

Production Information & Chorus Registration

Vaccination status to participate:
As many theater groups are doing, we are requiring all cast and crew to be fully vaccinated, and we will be asking for proof of vaccination from everyone before or at the first meeting on November 10th. If you don’t plan on getting vaccinated for whatever reason, we welcome you to participate in next year’s production in 2023.

As of September 2021, the Town of Sudbury has an indoor mask mandate in place. So masks are required any time you are inside, including during rehearsal. We will be watching the requirements and adapting over time as needed.

Production schedule:
All regular rehearsals are scheduled for 7 – 10:00pm at the Sudbury Baptist Church (162 Landham Road, Sudbury). The first rehearsal/all – cast meeting will be November 10th.
Download the DRAFT production schedule here.

Vocal Score:
We’ll be using Steve Malionek’s 2006 adaptation of the Grand Duke score. The scores will be available for purchase ($20) at the first rehearsal on November 10th. If you’d like a score before then, please contact Donna

Come join the chorus!
You can register join the chorus – no audition needed – by signing up online (link below) by November 10th, or sign up in person at the first all-cast meeting on November 10th (see schedule above).

T-shirts, sweatshirts, and mugs!
Grand Duke merchandise is now available via CafePress

From our 2006 production of The Grand Duke

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Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Grand Duke
(a plot summary care of Wikipedia):

In The Grand Duke, Gilbert and Sullivan come full circle, back to the theme of their first collaboration, Thespis: a troupe of actors taking political power. The plot hinges on the misinterpretation of a 100-year-old law regarding statutory duels (decided by drawing cards). The baffled leading man of the troupe, Ludwig, spearheads the rebellion against the hypochondriac, miserly Grand Duke and becomes engaged to four different women before the plot is resolved. 


The frugality and phoniness of the wealthy classes and the nobility is lampooned and, as in Princess IdaThe MikadoThe Gondoliers, and Utopia, Limited, the foreign setting emboldens Gilbert to use some particularly pointed satire.