Character Sketches and Required Audition Selections (downloadable below)

Rudolph – Grand Duke of Pfennig Halpfennig (Comic, ‘patter’ Baritone)
Miserly and exacting. Prim and proper. Is very used to having his own way. Very much a hypochondriac as well.
Audition material: #9A (both verses), #10 (pages 76-77)

Ernest Dummkopf – Manager of Theater company (Tenor) 
In love with Julia Jellicoe. Is devoted to his theater company and is instrumental in the plot to overthrow the Grand Duke.  Has a bit of Napoleonic complex.
Audition material: #3 (both verses), #4 (mm. 83 to end), #20 (pgs. 172-174)

Ludwig – Theater Companies Leading Comedian (Baritone)
In love with, and soon to be wed to Lisa. Fun loving and trusting to a fault. Wants to be everyone’s friend, sometimes with disastrous results!
Audition material: #2, #14

Dr. Tannhauser – A Notary (High Baritone)
Proper and well mannered. Holds the Law of the Land in the highest regard.
Audition material: #6, #8

The Prince of Monte Carlo (Baritone)
Formerly destitute and under house arrest, is now reveling in his new-found wealth from inventing roulette, and is eager to marry his daughter to the Grand Duke.
Audition material: #25

Herald (Baritone)
Fiercely proud of his position and duties.
Audition material: #23

Ben Hashbaz – A Costumier
Creative, exuberant and flamboyant
No specific audition material.

The Princess of Monte-Carlo (Soprano)
Engaged to the Grand Duke from infancy. Very innocent, and excited to see the world, having been house-bound all her life.
Audition material: #25

The Baroness von Krakenfeldt (Contralto)
Loves the finer things of life. Fun loving, but a bit a “gold digger.”
Audition material: #10, #17 (pgs 149-150, 153-154), #18

Julia Jellicoe (Coloratura Soprano)
Extremely professional and committed to her “art” in all aspects of her life.
Audition material: #4, #19, #20

Lisa  (Mezzo Soprano)
A Soubrette.  Engaged to Ludwig.  A Happy-go-Lucky type!
Audition material: #1A, #12 (pgs 113-115), #15

Members of Ernest’s Theatrical Company: Olga, Gretchen, Bertha, Elsa, and Martha
Each has different ideas about Julia and Lisa. Fun loving and enjoy being members of the Troupe.
Audition material: #1A, #12 (pgs 113-115), #15

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