2014 The Pirates of Penzance - Staff

Technical Staff

Technical Director - Susannah Kay
Assistant Technical Director - Mariah C. Lopshire
Stage Manager - Bill Fisher
Set Designer - David Allen Prescott
Set Construction Chief - Dave Lopshire
Lighting Designer - David S. Silber
Master Electrician - Nabil Schear
Technical Advisor and Put-In/Load-Out Coordinator - Brendon Chetwynd
Master Rigger and Technical Advisor - Ron Dallas
Costume Designer - Donna Roessler
Costume Construction Chief - Susie Schmidt
Costume Assistants - Paula Moravek and Lucy Dean
Props Designer - Aimee Ledwell
Props Co-Chairs - Deede Bergeron and Susan Schultz
Make-up Designer - Kirsten Chetwynd
Sound Designer - Shaun Carr
Sound Advisor - Rich Olsen

Production Staff

Producer - Andrea Roessler
Orchestra Manager - Joyce Desmarais Isen
Rehearsal Accompanist - Jim Ravan
Graphic Designer - Susan Beckett
Publicity - Andrea Roessler
Social Media - Deede Bergeron
House Manager - Persis Thorndike
Assistant House Manager - Susan Elberger
Lobby Designer - Dave Kay
Family Matinee Coordinator - Laurel Martin
Ticket Chief/House - Kathy Lague
Ticket Chief/Cast - Jamieson Cobleigh
Playbill Layout - Beth Parkes
Cast Managers - Ellen Simmons and John Gorgone
Internal Sales - Sue Flint
Social Co-Chair - Karen Powers
Photographers - Chris Pollari and Stoney Ballard
Videographer - Shawn Whitaker
Database Manager - Paul Sliney
Church Liaison - Peter Welsh
Theater Liaison - Ed Fell
Newsletter Editor - Tom Powers
Webmaster - Steve Malionek

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