2017 - The Mikado

Stage Director: James Ravan
Music Director: Craig Tata
Assistant Stage Director: Susan Elberger
Assistant Music Director: Matt Tragert
Producer: Brendon Chetwynd
Technical Director: Tom Powers


April 22 - April 29, 2017

Cast of Lead Roles

Ko-Ko : Ben Morse

Pish-Tush : Tim Daughters

Pooh-Bah : Matt Tragert

The Mikado : Randy Glidden

Nanki-Poo : Stephen Im

Yum-Yum : Lindsey Soboleski

Peep-Bo : Katrina Skidmore

Pitti-Sing : Pamela Ryba

Katisha : Carolyn Schwartz

Vocal Score

The Schirmer Vocal Score will be used for this production of The Mikado. Click the link below to purchase a score through Amazon Smile.

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A message from Producer, Brendon Chetwynd

Welcome to the Sudbury Savoyard’s 2017 production of The Mikado!

Continuing our tradition of G&S on a grand scale, we are in the midst of planning and adapting to some of the changes for this year’s production. Regardless of this change, due to ongoing construction at the Sudbury United Methodist Church, rehearsals will be temporarily held at Presbyterian Church of Sudbury, 330 Concord Road, Sudbury, MA 01776. We’d ask that folks park in the municipal parking lot behind the building, accessible from either Concord Road or Old Sudbury Road.

As a final note, we are asking all on-stage performers become members of the Sudbury Savoyards for a fee of $25 ($26.00 if paying online using PayPal). For those who have not already registered for membership covering the 2016-2017 show year, membership registration information can be found here. Membership registration may also be performed at auditions. There will be no additional participation fee.

Your questions and comments are most welcome, so please feel free to and I will respond promptly.

Warmest Regards,
Brendon Chetwynd, Producer, Sudbury Savoyards The Mikado 2017

The Mikado 2017 Vision from Stage Director, James Ravan

First, some words to describe this year's show: "laughter, light, airy, fun, farcical, fast". Second, what if we took Gilbert literally at his word and there really was “a train of little ladies”? Then the Town of Titipu would have a train station where their parents would meet them for school vacation.

The idea behind the setting is to place the piece in a non-traditional place/time (Victorian England/Japan, purposefully not determined, but decidedly not medieval Japan). The emphasis will be that The Mikado is a Victorian farce about English class structure and society, not a parody of Japanese medieval culture. We may decide to give the maidens schoolgirl uniforms and not kimonos. We're removing some of the obvious Japanese elements given the sensitivity to "yellow face" concerns.

And some words about ensemble. A cast is group of people that work together to produce a work of Art for the public. We will be working to make the cast a team with two goals:

• To make a production of The Mikado we will be proud of and that the audience will enjoy
• To have fun doing it

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