2018 - Iolanthe


Stage Director: Tony Parkes
Music Director: Kathryn Denney
Producer: James Ravan
Assistant Producer: Paul Baxter


April 7 at 2:00 and 8:00

April 14 at 2:00 and 8:00

All Performances will be at:

Maynard High School
1 Tiger Drive
Maynard, MA 01754

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Aerial View of Maynard High School


Phyllis - Elaine Crane
Celia - Lindsey Sobeleski
Leila - Laura Proctor
Fleta - Kerry Tamm
Iolanthe - Chloe D'Addio
Fairy Queen - Ann Ferentz
Lord Chancellor - Ben Morse
Private Willis - Matt Tragert
Lord Tolloller - Tim Daughters
Lord Mountararat - Mike Lague
Strephon - Brad Amidon

From Stage Director, Tony Parkes

I’m thrilled to be involved in this production! Many people (I am one) consider Iolanthe to be Gilbert & Sullivan’s masterpiece. They wrote it halfway through their joint career, when they were at the height of their creative powers. The words and music are so well integrated that they seem to have come from a single author. The show seems to offer more of everything: more satire, more romance, more drama, more genuine emotion. It has the best men’s chorus number in all G&S, the best Act 1 finale, the best love duet, the best patter song, and one of the two best overtures. There are principal parts of all sizes, from a few lines to several songs and lots of comic dialogue. The chorus can get really involved as the British House of Lords and a band of fairies go head to head.

This production will be largely free of gimmicks. Our philosophy of directing G&S is to approach it as we would any play or musical composition, hoping to bring out layers of meaning where we can find them and, overall, letting the words and music speak for themselves. We’ll try to be funny where the authors were funny, serious where they were serious. We won’t be inserting current topical references or otherwise trying to make the show more “relevant” to a modern audience. The political situation may have changed, even in Great Britain, since 1882, but the themes dealt with are timeless: love vs. law; law vs. justice; whether to sacrifice one’s happiness, or even one’s life, for a greater good. This, I think, is what makes Iolanthe great and has kept it popular while many more recent shows have faded from memory.

From Music Director, Kathryn Denney

My vision, as music director of Iolanthe, is to bring Sullivan's music to life and to present Gilbert's words clearly and expressively. I would like to use the orchestra and chorus together to bring out the dramatic beauty in the score, and to enhance the humor in other parts of the story.

When I direct a chorus, I care very much about diction, blend and achieving a healthy sound. I choose tempi that allow the words to be easily understood but that propel the appropriate energy of the music. For lead pieces, I allow the soloist a collaborative approach to the tempo, and I make sure that the tempo is consistent through each performance and most rehearsals (excluding early reading tempi).

My main goal, in any production I direct, is to make every person involved feel important and successful, while giving the audience a high-quality performance.

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