Production Positions - Iolanthe 2018

The Sudbury Savoyards are looking to fill staff positions for our production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Iolanthe, which will include four performances, two on April 7 and two on April 14, 2018. The show will include a full orchestra, costumes, production, and technical work. Auditions are expected to take place in late October or early November, with rehearsals tentatively set to begin in January.

The Sudbury Savoyards are an all-volunteer organization. There is no stipend for any of these positions.

If interested, please before September 21, 2017.

Available Positions with Job Description

Publicity Chief - responsible for all advertising that is directly related to the show, including both auditions and performances.

Playbill Ads Chief - recruits sponsor donations and arranges to sell playbill ads and collect the income from them, typically with the assistance of recruited Ad Solicitors.

Playbill Layout Chief - determines the layout of the production's playbill given a list of standard input requirements.

Graphic Designer - creates the overall show graphic consistent with the Stage Director's visual concept of the show.

Cast Managers - usually one woman and one man who maintain cast-related records, including keeping track of attendance and name tags, as well as distributing rehearsal schedules, blocking forms, blocking notes, etc.

Cast Social Chairpersons - welcome new members, manage chorus rehearsal refreshments, Friday night parties, Monster Sunday potluck, end of performance parties, and any other social events for company members during the production.

Cast Internal Sales Chief - sells merchandise to the cast, orchestra, and crew, including scores, rehearsal CDs and souvenir or promotional items such as shirts, buttons, cast photos, and DVDs.

Cast Internal Tickets Chief - responsible for ticket sales by the cast via web site and reservation via phone, email, or USPS mail.

External Tickets Chief - responsible for audience ticket sales via web site and reservation via phone, email, or USPS mail.

House Manager - responsible for Front of House operations during the production including recruiting ushers, arranging audience refreshments, and managing an at-the-door ticket sales and lobby sales crew.