Technical Positions - Iolanthe 2018

We are recruiting for all technical positions for our 2018 production of Iolanthe. These are Costume Designer, Costume Construction Chief, Set Designer, Set Construction Chief, Paint Chief, Props Designer, Lighting Designer, Makeup Designer, Sound Designer and Stage Manager. Descriptions of each of these positions are below.

If you are interested in sharing your skills in any of these positions, please by September 21, 2017.

Available Positions with Job Description

Costume Designer is responsible for the design and overseeing of all costume-related projects: construction, re-work or rentals. A good knowledge of what we already have in stock is extremely helpful.

Costume Construction Chief is responsible for costume rental and construction, according to the Costume Designer's plan and within the specified budget. The Costume Construction Chief generally runs the sewing portion of Tech days; handing out and supervising assignments.

Set Designer designs and executes the stage sets for the show, consistent with the Stage Director's visual concept and with any physical, budgetary, or manpower limitations.

Set Construction Chief works with the Set Designer and other technical staff to execute the design most effectively within budgetary constraints and technical constraints of the performance location.

Paint Chief works with the Set Designer to create scenery and set pieces consistent with the set design.

Props Designer provides properties for the show, as requested by the Stage Director. The Props Chief decides whether to buy, rent, borrow, or construct each prop and carries out that decision. The Props Chief also recruits the Props Running Crew in consultation with Stage Manager.

Lighting Designer creates lighting effects consistent with the Stage Director’s vision and the set design.

Makeup Designer designs the makeup for company members, consistent with the Stage Director's visual concept of the show, and also recruits the Makeup Running Crew in consultation with Stage Manager.

Sound Designer develops sound reinforcement plan and special sound effects as described by the Stage Director.

Stage Manager controls the production under tech week and performance conditions and is responsible for safety and scheduling within the theater, including calling cues and managing the running crews. The Stage Director may also request that the Stage Manager take blocking notes during rehearsals.