Welcome to the Sudbury Savoyard Tasks Lists!

Enter Task Lists

We are pleased to make the tasks lists available on our website. We hope you will find this more useful and more accessible than in the past.

The task lists are set up in the following way:
There is a hierarchy document which lists all the jobs in the current reporting structure. You will be able to see where each job is grouped and who they report to. Each job name is a link to the task list for that position. Each individual task list is set up as follows:

In addition, on each job page, there are navigation links to help you sift through the information:
Hierarchy will take you to the reporting structure listing.
Calendar will take you to a listing of all pertinent dates for the current year
Report Changes - this will generate an email to the Task List Manager

Please remember that the task lists are only useful if they have accurate and helpful information. We need everyone's help and input to improve them going forward.
If you feel any information should be changed, (i.e. adding a new task, changing the due date, deleting a task, etc), please send an email to the Task List Manager who will make the change and create a new listing.

Any other feedback is also appreciated.

Paul Sliney, Task List Manager
September 11, 2012