Betty Farmer

Yeoman of Regard - 2003

Without Betty Farmer, the Sudbury Savoyards may never have come into existence at all. In 1961, she proposed that the church produce Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury, for which she would direct the music. This event, entitled “An Evening of Music”, took place as a fundraiser for the proposed new Methodist Church Building Fund.

1961Trial by JuryDirector of Music
1962The MikadoDirector of Music
1963The Pirates of PenzanceDirector of Music
1964The GondoliersDirector of Music
1966The Yeomen of the GuardDirector of Music
1967IolantheDirector of Music
1968RuddigoreDirector of Music
1969The MikadoDirector of Music
1970Princess IdaDirector of Music
1971The GondoliersDirector of Music
1972PatienceDirector of Music
1973The Pirates of PenzanceDirector of Music
1974Trial By Jury / HMS PinaforeDirector of Music
1975The Yeomen of the GuardDirector of Music
1976The SorcererDirector of Music
1977IolantheDirector of Music

Induction Ceremony - March 1, 2003

Ken and Betty Farmer and Marianne Hatton