Bill Fisher

Yeoman of Regard - 2014

Bill began his Savoyard career 30 years ago as a stage hand in that year’s production of Patience and has actively participated every year since then. In 1985 as the Savoyards transitioned to a Board of Directors, Bill served as Stage Manager for The Yeomen of the Guard, a position which he helped to define for the company, and which he has filled many times since.

The following year, Bill became a member of the first elected Board of Trustees. In that position he was instrumental in establishing many of the key elements of the present-day organization. He served with distinction on the committee which was given the job of drawing up the first Task Lists, documents which enabled us to smoothly integrate new members into positions of responsibility throughout the organization. That same year he was instrumental in arranging for the first videotaping of our productions, a process which has now grown into a significant aspect of our operations and growth.

In 2012, as an aspect of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, Bill managed the conversion of these old tapes to DVD format. Over the years Bill has continued to step up and quietly fill needed positions, often without others fully realizing that there was a need until he did so, including the never-ending jelly bean dispenser. In addition to the winter productions, Bill also participates in summer events as well as the July 4th float. Most recently Bill has been taking the audition photos and recording dance sequences at rehearsals. His continued and unwavering dedication to the growth and success of the mission of The Sudbury Savoyards has been evident in the selfless effort he puts forth in whatever task he undertakes.

He represents the best of our community, and is well-deserving of this recognition.

Induction Ceremony - March 1, 2014

Tom Powers presenting Bill Fisher as Yeoman of Regard, 2014
2014 Yeoman of Regard Honoree, Bill Fisher with Katherine Engel Meifert