Laurel Martin

Yeoman of Regard - 2016

The description of the kinds of services involved in identifying a Yeoman of Regard fits Laurel like a glove. She has toiled tirelessly for the company in every area of our work, both onstage and off. It is easy to provide an overview. Laurel joined the Savoyards in 2002 as a member of the chorus of The Sorcerer and worked on costumes. She has been involved in every main stage show since then, either onstage or backstage, as well as in five summer shows.

In 2003 Laurel was elected to the Board of Trustees, a position she held until 2007 and again from 2009 to 2011. In 2005, she coordinated the first Family Matinee. She has served as Chairman, Producer, Paint Chief, Set Designer, Graphic Designer, Technical Director, and Lobby Decorator. She has long held a position known as Second Trombone, responsible for renting props and set pieces.

Laurel is an exemplar of the idea that the Savoyards are an extended family. Not only does she see the company as her extended family, she has involved her own family in the company in several ways. Her daughter, Linnea, has been onstage in four productions and has been Paint Chief for two years; her son, Davin, designed the lighting for the time machine in last year’s production of Patience;and her husband, Dan, has been infinitely supportive of her efforts, often joining the construction crew and printing the large checks which we use to donate to UMCOR.

Perhaps most important for the company, Laurel has chaired the nominating committee for a long time. In this role, she has sought candidates for the Board of Trustees, encouraged and nurtured participation in the ongoing work of the company and helped to shape the company’s future.

Throughout the time she has been with the company, Laurel has been unflaggingly enthusiastic in her dedication to The Sudbury Savoyards. For these reasons, we are delighted to present her as this year’s Yeoman of Regard.

Induction Ceremony - February 27, 2016

At the Induction Ceremony
Laurel's Acceptance Speech