Ron and Janice Dallas

Yeoman of Regard - 2006

ndividually, and as a couple, Ron and Janice have contributed their extraordinary talents and expertise in the major areas of costume design and construction, as well as set design, engineering and construction. Quite often Janice is performing on-stage while husband Ron is behind the scenes making things work smoothly.

The Dallas’s joined the Sudbury Savoyards in 1987 and quickly became engulfed in all the aspects necessary for creating successful performances, frequently contributing from their own small theatrical design and construction company. Janice, a care-giver by day, would blossom into a performer by night. In the technical area, Ron would often multi-task as a set and/or lighting designer, master electrician, master rigger, technical consultant, assistant costume designer, wardrobe assistant, and even figure out on-stage plumbing when required.

Without the talents of Ron and Janice Dallas, individually or combined, the Sudbury Savoyards would not be as we know it today.

Ron Dallas

Janice Dallas

Induction Ceremony - March 4, 2006

Andrea Roessler giving the Dallas' induction speech.
The 2006 Honorees Ron and Janice Dallas