Lawrence Haworth Yeomen of Regard - 2003
Lawrence appeared in the Sudbury Savoyards' first production of Trial by Jury, establishing a long tenure with the group, often performing multiple tasks. According to one playbill bio, he was responsible for “the entire shebang”.
1961 Trial by Jury: Chorus of Jurymen
1962 The Mikado: Ko-Ko
1963 The Pirates of Penzance: Pirate/Understudy
1964 The Gondoliers: Marco Palmieri
1965 No Performance
1966 The Yeomen of the Guard: Leonard Meryll
1967 Iolanthe: Director of Dramatics
1968 Ruddigore: Director of Dramatics
1969 The Mikado: Director of Dramatics
1970 Princess Ida: Director of Dramatics
1971 The Gondoliers: Director of Dramatics
1972 Patience: Director of Dramatics
1973 The Pirates of Penzance: Director of Dramatics
1974 Trial by Jury & HMS Pinafore: Production Director, Set Designer
1975 The Yeomen of the Guard: Production Director, Chorus of Yeomen, Set Design & Construction
1976 The Sorcerer: Production Director, Set Design & Construction
1977 Iolanthe: Production Director & Set Design
1978 The Mikado: Director, Set Design & Construction
1979 Ruddigore: Director, Chorus of Ancestors, Set Design & Construction
1980 The Gondoliers: Director
1981 The Pirates of Penzance: Director, Set Design & Construction

Lawrence Haworth's Induction Speech by Donna Roessler

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