Yeomen of Regard

Yeomen of Regard

Active community organizations like the Sudbury Savoyards depend on the selfless contributions of untold numbers of people to continue to thrive and meet their goals. Among those untold numbers are the precious few who contribute far beyond reason or expectations, leading the group into new areas of endeavor or new levels of achievement, or providing the fundamental effort that brings or keeps the group together. Through the years, the Savoyards have been blessed with perhaps more than their fair share of such people. In 2003 the Savoyards began a program to formally recognize and remember these people and their accomplishments. The program, with puckish Savoyard humor, is called “Yeomen of Regard.” This is, of course, a pun on the name of the G&S operetta, but encapsulates both the yeoman’s service these honorees have delivered and the respect due them for that effort.

Primary criteria for consideration of nominees are derived from the basic statement: “Extraordinary service in support of the mission of the Sudbury Savoyards as defined in the Company’s Bylaws.” The complete Policies and Procedures are here.

This is an ongoing program, and the Board of Trustees accepts recommendations for Yeomen on a continuing basis. A plaque bearing the names of our honorees is permanently mounted in Hawes Hall at the Sudbury United Methodist Church.

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2003 - Betty Farmer 2003 - Will Ford 2003 - Priscilla Davis
2003 - Lawrence Haworth 2003 - Sally Osborn 2004 David Larrick
2004 - Bill and Nancy Burdine 2005 - Roy and Bev Paro 2005 - Dick Sewell
Ron and Janice Dallas 2007 - Tom Powers 2008 - Steve Malionek
2009 - Andrea Roessler 2012 - Kathy Lague 2013 - Donna Roessler
2014 - Bill Fisher 2016 - Laurel Martin