Sally Osborn Yeomen of Regard - 2003
Sally’s relationship with the group began in 1978, by renting her extensive collection of kimonos for The Mikado, until her final performance in 1995 as Stage Director, also for The Mikado.  In 1983, her playbill bio stated that “the challenge was to marry the Conductor”, which was David Larrick. This was accomplished in June of that year. In 1984, Sally and David were instrumental in drafting the Company’s bylaws and structuring the Board of Trustees as we know it today.
1979 Ruddigore: Chorus of Bridesmaids
1980 The Gondoliers: Chorus
1981 The Pirates of Penzance: Assistant to Director
1982 Princess Ida: Assistant to Director and Chorus
1983 Cox and Box/HMS Pinafore: Assistant Director and chorus (her daughter, Betsey, was the ‘midship-mite’)
1984 Patience: Assistant Director, Chorus of Maidens and appeared as The Solicitor under the name “S.E. Reutenik”
1985 The Yeomen of the Guard: Chairman of the newly-founded Board of Trustees, Chorus
1986 The Mikado: Chairman, Chorus, Publicity
1987 Iolanthe: Chairman, Chorus, Database Manager, Publicity and Playbill
1988 Utopia, Ltd.: Chairman, Chorus, Database Manager, Publicity and Playbill
1989 HMS Pinafore: Assistant Producer, Assistant Costume Chief, Database Manager, Church Liaison
1990 Ruddygore: Chorus of Bridesmaids, Publicity Chief, Database Manager, Costume and Set Construction
1991 The Gondoliers: Costume Designer, Costume Department Head, Photographer
992 The Sorcerer: Chorus, Costume Construction Chief, Set Construction and Painting Crew
1993 The Pirates of Penzance: Stage Director
1994 Patience: Set Designer, Costume Crew
1995 The Mikado: Stage Director

Induction Ceremony - March 1, 2003

Sally Osborn Induction Ceremony

Betsy Osborn, David Larrick and Paula Moravek

Sally Osborn's Induction Speech by Paula Moravek

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