Donna Roessler

Donna began her career with the Sudbury Savoyards in 1970, joining with her friends from the Methodist Youth Fellowship in helping to paint the set for that year’s Princess Ida. She ventured out onstage three years later in the chorus for The Pirates of Penzance, and made more such appearances over the following few years.

It was in 1995 that Donna became more deeply involved, at first with costumes, and then stepping into leadership roles. In addition to serving on the Board of Trustees, as Treasurer and as Chairman (on one occasion doing both jobs) it was not unusual for Donna to accept other multiple responsibilities and to develop those tasks to a level which set the standard for those who followed in later years. She was Producer for six winter shows, and several summer productions. In 2001 for The Gondoliers she served as Producer, Costume Designer and Costume Construction Chief. She then turned to our summer production of Blithe Spirit, handling House Manager and Costumer roles. Not yet finished (or not yet exhausted), she next gave her efforts to our 40th Anniversary celebration as Co-Producer and House Manager.

In 2003 Donna was the guiding inspiration behind the Annual Fall Craft Fair, an activity which, with the assistance of her sister (and fellow YOR) Andrea Roessler, she ran for the next nine years. These Fairs were enormous fun, and grew over the years from a single room to take over the whole building and spill out into the lawn. These Fall Craft Fairs enabled the Savoyards to add substantially to our contribution towards the relief of World Hunger.

Donna has displayed in her actions and commitment over the years that "Extraordinary Service" which is the unique characteristic of her fellow Yeomen. Her guidance, leadership and vision have strengthened the Company, and her example of selfless service to our goals remains a powerful inspiration to us all.

1970 Princess Ida: Set Painting
1971 The Gondoliers: Set Painting
1973 The Pirates of Penzance: Set Painting
1974 Trial by Jury and HMS Pinafore: Chorus
1979 Ruddigore: Chorus
1983 HMS Pinafore: Chorus
1995 The Mikado: Chorus, Costume Construction
1996 Princess Ida: Chorus, Costume Construction
1996 Fourth of July Parade Float: Co-Coordinator
1996 Summer Show - Charley's Aunt: Usher
1997 The Yeomen of the Guard: Chorus, Costume Construction, Cast Manager, Publicity Crew, Internal Sales, Nominating Committee
1998 Trial by Jury & HMS Pinafore: Bridesmaid, Chorus, Producer, Costume construction, Publicity, Printer Liaison, Board of Trustees
1998 Summer Show - The Importance of Being Earnest: Production Assistant, House Manager, Tickets, Publicity
1999 Iolanthe: Chorus, Producer, Costume Construction, Publicity, Printer Liaison, Board of Trustees
1999 Summer Show - Foggerty's Fairy: Costume Construction
2000 Ruddigore: Chorus, Chairman and Treasurer - Board of Trustees, Costume and Set Construction, Publicity
2000 Summer Show - You Can't Take It With You: Associate Producer, Ticket Sales, Set Construction
2001 The Gondoliers: Don Alhambra’s Aide, Producer, Co-Costume Designer, Costume Construction Chief, Treasurer of Board of Trustees
2001 Summer Show - Blithe Spirit: Costumer, House Manager, Set painting and Drapery Construction
2001 40th Anniversary Celebration: Places, Please Co-Producer, House Manager, Costumer, Chorus
2002 The Sorcerer: Producer, Publicity Chief, Printer Liaison, Costume Construction Co-Chief, Set Painting, Treasurer of Board of Trustees
2002 Summer Show - Engaged: Co-Producer, Costumer, House Co-Manager, Box Office
2003 Patience: Producer, Costume Designer, Treasurer of Board of Trustees
2003 Summer Show - Hay Fever: House Manager, Box Office
2003 1st Annual Fall Craft Fair: Co-Chair through 9th Annual Fair in 2011
2004 The Pirates of Penzance: Costume Designer, Treasurer of Board of Trustees
2004 Summer Show - The Boys Next Door: Asst. to Producer, Usher
2005 The Mikado: Co-Producer, Treasurer of Board of Trustees, Publicity crew, Costume Crew
2005 Summer Show - The Matchmaker: Costume Co-Designer, Production Consultant, Set Painting, Props, Stage Crew
2006 The Grand Duke: House staff, Costume Construction, Set painting, Wardrobe
2007 Iolanthe: House Co-Manager, Costume Construction
2007 Summer Show - You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown: Set painting, Usher
2008 The Yeomen of the Guard: House Manager, Costume Construction
2008 Summer Show - Arsenic and Old Lace: Producer, Costume Designer, Set painting, Wardrobe, Follow Spot Operator, Usher
2009 Utopia, Limited: House staff, Costume Construction
2009 Summer Show - Our Town: Costumer, House Staff
2010 Princess Ida: Costume Designer
2010 Summer Show - On Golden Pond: Co-Producer, Costumer, Props, Set Construction and Painting
2011 Trial By Jury and HMS Pinafore: Costume Construction
2011 50th Anniversary Celebration Brunch Organizer, Refreshments Coordinator
2011 Summer Show - Mary Rose: House Manager
2012 Ruddigore: Set Construction and Painting, Costume Construction
2012 Peter Stark's Memorial Celebration: Refreshments Coordinator
2013 The Gondoliers: Costume Designer

Induction Ceremony - March 2, 2013

Donna Roessler

Dennis O'Brien presents Donna Roessler as the 2013 Yeoman of Regard.

Kathy Lague

Donna's acceptance speech.

Donna Roessler

Donna receives her gift.

Donna Roessler

2013 Yeoman of Regard Honoree, Donna Roessler.

Donna Roessler

Dennis O'Brien and 2013 Honoree, Donna Roessler.

Donna Roessler's Induction Speech by Dennis O'Brien

Speech by Donna Roessler at the Induction Ceremony

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