Sudbury Savoyards: presenting Gilbert and Sullivan on a grand scale and keeping the “community” in community theater for 60 years!


The Grand Duke Call for Chorus Members.
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 The Sudbury Savoyards’ production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Grand Duke is rescheduled to our regular time (late February/early March) in 2023. Read more about the show.

Grand Duke T-shirts and Mugs available:
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In 2021 the Sudbury Savoyards
celebrated 60 years of Gilbert & Sullivan!

The SUDBURY SAVOYARDS are one of the few theater companies in New England that performs the G&S canon as “Theater on a Grand Scale,” with casts as large as 60 or more people, a full orchestra of as many as 30 pieces, and full staging, costuming, and lights. These productions feature a chorus open to all who wish to participate, while our leads are selected through competitive auditions. We perform one large scale G&S show a year, in winter. As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of our members and supporters.

The Sandwich Board: recent newsletters of the Sudbury Savoyards

April 2022

What has the Sudbury Savoyards been doing in 2022?

September 2021

The Grand Duke "season" kicks off with auditions, Two-Ring gathering, chorus sign up and rehearsals starting in Nov!