Sudbury Savoyards: presenting Gilbert and Sullivan on a grand scale
and keeping the “community” in community theater for 60 years!

NEWS - Summer 2021 Updates

Get your tickets now: Sudbury Savoyards Fundraiser Gala at Sandy Burr in Wayland on Sunday October 3, 2021

60th Anniversary and the Year of the No Show – T-shirts and Swag available:
Missing your annual show shirt? Want to be well dressed for the 60th Anniversary Gala? Visit our all new Cafe Press Shop!

New this year: a Sudbury Savoyards Flickr page with many, many photos. 

The Grand Duke 2022
After a year hiatus from our mainstage show – a first in our 60-year history – we are very excited at the prospect of getting back on the stage with The Grand Duke in the spring of 2022. Look for postings for fall auditions and Two-Ring party!

Sudbury Savoyards Celebrate 60 Years of Gilbert & Sullivan in 2021

Sing hey the jolly, jolly, jinks! The Grand Duke is now viewable on our YouTube channel!

Our 60th Anniversary Committee is planning events throughout the year to celebrate 60 years! 

The SUDBURY SAVOYARDS are one of the few theater companies in New England that performs the G&S canon as “Theater on a Grand Scale,” with casts as large as 60 or more people, a full orchestra of as many as 30 pieces, and full staging, costuming, and lights. These productions feature a chorus open to all who wish to participate, while our leads are selected through competitive auditions. We perform one large scale G&S show a year, in winter. As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of our members and supporters.

The Sandwich Board

Newsletter of the Sudbury Savoyards

March 2021

Sudbury Savoyards plan their 2021 Annual Meeting and start planning for The Grand Duke 2022!