News from the Board

On May 29, 2021, Sudbury Savoyards held its Annual Meeting and election of Board of Trustees. Welcome incoming board members, Kathryn Denney and Sue Flint, and to returning member Brad Amidon. Thanks for their service as board members to Mike Lague and Ellen Simmons. 

Board of Trustees - Members

Graham Daley - Chair
Tom Powers
Tom Powers - Vice Chair
Brad Amidon - Treasurer
Andrew Conway - Secretary
Lindsey Soboleski
Kathryn Denney
Lynn Sa
Brendon Chetwynd
Brendon Chetwynd
Sue Flint

Board Staff and Committees

Board Staff
  • Theater Liaison – Graham Daley
  • Archivist – Andrea Roessler
  • Listmaster – Jamie Cobleigh
  • Web-wizard – Roberta Sutter
  • Web-wrangler – Sue Flint
  • Membership – Mike Lague


  • Audit & Finance: Brad Amidon (Chair)
  • Communications & Publicity: Karen Powers (Chair), Sue Flint, Kathryn Denney, Lindsey Soboleski
  • Development: Kathryn Denney (Chair), Andrew Conway, Mike Lague, Marc Abouf, Hersch Clopper
  • Governance: Tom Powers (Chair), Andrew Conway
  • Information Management: Andrew Conway (Chair), Mike Lague, Jim Ravan, Sue Flint
  • Locations: Nancy Powers (Chair), Jane Graham, Graham Daley
  • Programs: Laurel Martin & Matt Tragert (co-chairs), Karen Powers, Jim Ravan, Kathryn Denney, Tony Parkes, Lynn Sa
  • 60th Anniversary: Laurel Martin, Matt Tragert and Andrea Roessler (co-chairs); Nancy Powers, Lynn Sa.