November 2018

Sudbury Savoyards' First Annual Appeal

Dear Friends of Sudbury Savoyards,

We are delighted to announce that the Savoyards will be returning to the Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School in February 2019 with a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Yeomen of the Guard, directed by Savoyard veterans Kathryn Denney and Tony Parkes!

After fifty-five years under the sponsorship of the Sudbury United Methodist Church, an association for which we have been very grateful, the Sudbury Savoyards’ relationship with SUMC has ended. In 2016, we incorporated to become a non-profit 501(c)(3) community arts organization, and at the start of 2018 we became fully independent of any church affiliation or sponsorship. We continue to put on musicals and plays, participate in town events such as the Fourth of July parade, and we are expanding our outreach programs to bring music and theater to a wider community.

As we embrace the opportunities that come with independence, we face a variety of challenges, including new expenses for storage space, work space, and rehearsal space; insurance and professional service fees; and more. We turn to you, our friends and donors, as we launch an inaugural fundraising campaign, in the hope of ensuring that “Gilbert and Sullivan on a Grand Scale” (and more) can continue well into the future. Our chorus is open to all who wish to participate, and we perform our mainstage show with a live orchestra, with full staging, lights, and costumes. Fans of G&S may note that we are the only group in eastern Massachusetts that regularly performs these works on such a scale.

Your donation will enable us to maintain our decades-long traditions of serving both the arts community and the community at large with shows of high production values, and you will be credited in our show program, if you wish, under a variety of sponsorship levels:

  • Up to $50 – Patron
  • $50-$99 – Sponsor
  • $100-$199 – Supporter
  • $200-$499 – Sustaining Donor
  • $500-$999 – Benefactor
  • $1000 + – Angel

To donate, please visit our website and click on Donate Now and type in the amount you would like to donate. If you prefer, you may send a check payable to The Sudbury Savoyards to PO Box 762, Sudbury, MA 01776.

Your contribution will be acknowledged in a form recognized by the IRS as a charitable deduction. Also, if your employer matches donations, please find out if your donation can be doubled or even tripled! Thank you for being a part of our future by supporting us in our community adventures.

Tom Powers
Chairman of the Sudbury Savoyard Board of Trustees

Yeomen of the Guard Cast Announced

We are thrilled to announce the cast of leads for our 2019 production of The Yeomen of the Guard. Thanks to all who came out to auditions. We had so much fabulous talent! If you are still interested in joining our open ensemble, it’s not too late! Just let us know your interest.

Sir Richard Cholmondeley – Randy Glidden 
Colonel Fairfax – Michael Gonzalez 
Sergeant Meryll – Randal Divinski 
Leonard Meryll – Ed Fell 
Jack Point – Brad Amidon 
Wilfred Shadbolt – Matt Tragert 
Yeoman 1 – Frank Harrigan 
Yeoman 2 – Mike Lague
Elsie Maynard – Janet Pohli 
Phoebe Meryll – Sara Haugland 
Dame Carruthers – Carolyn Kelly Schwartz 
Kate Carruthers – Kaitlyn Robinson