Bill and Nancy Burdine
Nancy Burdine, Oboe & Bill Burdine, Bassoon

Yeoman of Regard - 2004

A major element of the Savoyards’ artistic success is the ability to mount an orchestra with the skill and desire to do justice to the works of our composers. For more than 20 years, that orchestra was recruited and managed by Bill and Nancy Burdine, who all the while performed as well (bassoon and oboe, respectively). The Burdines served as our representatives to the larger musical community of the region, bringing in the talented musicians we could not perform without, and developing a sense of musical community that went far beyond just Gilbert and Sullivan. Sadly, we lost Bill in 2003, but his memory and Nancy’s presence continue to remind us of the strengths and skills in our communities.

Induction Ceremony - February 28, 2004

Nancy Burdine