David Larrick

Yeoman of Regard - 2004

There are few areas of endeavor undertaken by the Savoyards to which David Larrick has not been a significant contributor. As Conductor for ten of our G&S shows, David raised the bar of artistic expectations and performance to levels to heights seldom reached in community theater. As six-time Technical Director, and also sometime set and lighting designer, David helped set the standard for our production values, focusing on artistic excellence, and also practicality and safety. But David has also been a visionary, from contributing to the re-formation of the Savoyards in the mid-eighties to proposing and leading the first productions of our now-traditional Summer Shows, extending the reach and scope of our Company.

1980The GondoliersAssistant Director of Music
1981The Pirates of PenzanceConductor
1982Princess IdaConductor, composed the “Princess Ida Overture” for this production and arranged the “Act III Finale” based on the words and music of Gilbert and Sullivan
1983Cox & Box / HMS PinaforeConductor, prepared orchestration for “O Bliss! O Rapture!” especially for the Sudbury Savoyards, rehearsal accompanist aka “Fumble Fingers Larrick”
1985The Yeomen of the GuardConductor
1985AugustImplemented first Task Lists for Board Staff and Committee Chairs
1986The MikadoConductor, also developed “The Larrick Letter”, a community theater newsletter delivered via email to over 150 Digital employee subscribers
1987IolantheConductor, Set Construction Crew, Playbill Ads
1988Utopia, Ltd.Mr. Blushington, Technical Director, Playbill Ad Sales, Playbill Typist, Implemented the first “Strike Plan” and “De-Brief Report”
1989HMS PinaforeTechnical Director, Set Construction Chief, Chorus of Sailors
1990RuddigoreTechnical Director, Chorus of Ancestors “Sir Desmond Murgatroyd”
1991The GondoliersAntonio, Technical Director, rehearsal accompanist
1991Sept. 14, 1991Produced and Co-Conducted Memorial “With Joyous Shouts and Ringing Cheer” for Warren Colson
1992The SorcererConductor, restored much of the original music, notes and keys, as well as reconstructed the Act II music for Ahrimanes’ solo “Oh, Hideous Doom”
1993Pirates of PenzanceThe Pirate King, Set Designer, Technical Director, rehearsal accompanist
1994PatienceConductor, Set Construction, Painting and Lighting Crews
1995The MikadoConductor, Set Construction, Painting and Lighting Crews
1996Princess IdaArac, Set Construction Crew
1996Charley's AuntProducer
1997The Yeomen of the GuardProduction Designer, Technical Director
1998Trial by Jury / HMS PinaforeMaster Electrician, Follow-spot Operator, Stage Crew
1998The Importance of Being EarnestLighting Crew, Publicity Chief
1999IolantheSet Construction, Lighting Crew
1999Foggerty’s FairyLighting Crew
2000RuddigoreSet Construction, Lighting Crew
2000You Can’t Take It With YouSpecial Thanks
2001The GondoliersLighting Designer, Set Construction, Chorus
2001Blithe SpiritLighting Crew and originated the “Stupid Savoyard Tricks” cabaret (later to be known as “Savoy Club”)
2002The SorcererMaster Electrician, Set Construction, donated full score and orchestra parts
2002EngagedSpecial Thanks
2002Savoy ClubProducer, Stage Manager, Accompanist
2003PatienceSet Construction
2003Savoy ClubPerformed with the “Shepherd’s Pie Dixieland Band”

Induction Ceremony - Feb 28, 2004