Dick Sewell

Yeoman of Regard - 2005

Dick Sewell’s first of many stage appearances was in the 1966 production of The Yeomen of the Guard. Before his retirement to Maine, Dick faithfully sang in thirty straight performances, ending with our performance of The Mikado in 1995.

1966The Yeomen of the Guard“First Yeomen”
1969The MikadoChorus
1970Princess IdaChorus
1971The Gondoliers"Francesco"
1973The Pirates of PenzanceChorus
1974Trial By Jury / HMS PinaforeAssistant Conductor, Chorus
1975The Yeomen of the GuardChorus
1976The SorcererChorus
1977IolantheChorus, Ticket Sales
1978The MikadoChorus, Orchestra Section Rehearsals
1979RuddigoreChorus, Ticket Sales
1980The Gondoliers"Francesco", Ticket Sales
1981The Pirates of PenzanceChorus
1982Princess IdaChorus, Ticket Sales
1983Cox & Box/HMS PinaforeChorus, Ticket Sales
1984PatienceChorus, Ticket Sales
1985The Yeomen of the GuardChorus, Program Ads, Ticket Sales
1986The MikadoChorus, Playbill Ads, Ticket Sales
1987IolantheChorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1988Utopia, Ltd.Chorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1989HMS PinaforeChorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1990RuddigoreChorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1991The GondoliersChorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1992The SorcererChorus, Ticket Chief, Playbill Ad Sales
1993The Pirates of PenzanceChorus, Ticket Chief
1994PatienceChorus, Ticket Chief
1995The MikadoChorus, Ticket Chief

Induction Ceremony - March 5, 2005

Dick Sewell and Andrea Roessler