Gilbert and Sullivan's The Grand Duke

Ticket sales for this production have closed.

Performances: February 24th – March 4th, 2023, at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High, Sudbury, MA.

Fans of classical music and musical theatre won’t want to miss this grand production performed with full orchestra, striking sets and elaborate costumes.

Attend the tale of a theatrical troupe of actors that conspire to take over the Grand Duchy of Pfennig-Halbpfennig but are discovered by the Grand Duke’s detective. To save the company, a statutory duel is suggested between the troupe’s manager and his leading comedian. Drawing playing cards instead of weapons, whomever draws the lower card is deemed the loser and will confess to the plot. Things go awry when the Grand Duke hears of the conspiracy and impulsively takes part in a second statutory duel. Acquired identities, mistaken engagements, and made-up Greek words abound in this pinnacle of operetta. You won’t want to miss this rare and rollicking piece of theatre!

Friday Feb. 24 – 8pm
Saturday Feb. 25 – 8pm
Sunday Feb 26 – 2pm
Friday March 3 – 8pm
Saturday March 4 – 2pm

production photos courtesy of Chris Pollari


Artistic Team:
Aldo Fabrizi, music director
Matt Tragert, stage director

Ben Morse, Grand Duke
Lonnie Powell, Earnest
Tom Frates, Ludwig
Brad Amidon, Dr. Tannhauser
Santo Mammone, Prince of Monte Carlo
Jon Saul, Ben Hashbaz/ Detective
Randy Glidden, Herald
Lindsey Soboleski Princess of Monte Carlo
Carolyn Kelly Schwartz, Baroness von Krakenfeldt
Elaine Crane, Julia Jellicoe
Sara DeLong, Lisa
Graham Daley, Olga
Emily Kwak, Gretchen
Debbie Crane, Bertha
Ann Ferentz, Elsa
Karen Powers, Martha

Briana Bensenouci, Kirsten Chetwynd, Beth Nolan Conners, Sue Flint, Laura Jacobson, Kim Kapner, Mei-Lin Po, Susan Robinson,  Nora Sotomayor, Vivian Viggiano, Marla Zucker, David Bainbridge, Kai Fay, Matthew Garber, Frank Harrigan, Andy Herrick, Larry Millner, George Oliver, Tony Parkes, Tom Porcher.

Production Team:
Nadine Sa, Stage Manager
Tom Powers, Technical Director
Donna Roessler, Co-Producer/Co-Costume Designer
Lynn Sa, Co-Producer
Bill Fisher, Assistant Stage Manager
Sue Flint, Co-Costume Designer
Ailsa Smith, Lighting designer
Bill Lopoulos, Sound Designer
Brendon Chetwynd, Co-Set Designer
Laurel Martin, Co-Set Designer
Elizabeth Stone, Makeup Designer
Kai Fay, Choreographer
Dave O’Gara, Scenic Painter
Nancy Powers, Props Chief
Karen Powers, Social Chair
Dennis O’Brien, House Manager
Andrea Roessler, Playbill Ad Chief
Karen Powers, Publicity Team
Sara DeLong, Publicity Team
Steve Malionek, Playbill Layout Chief
Frank Harrigan, Internal Sales Chief
Andrew Conway, Tickets Chief & Orchestra Mgr.
Brad Amidon, Cast Ticket Sales
Roberta Sutter, Rehearsal Accompanist

Production photos by Chris Pollari

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