Lawrence Haworth

Yeoman of Regard - 2003

Lawrence appeared in the Sudbury Savoyards’ first production of Trial by Jury, establishing a long tenure with the group, often performing multiple tasks. According to one playbill bio, he was responsible for “the entire shebang”.

1961Trial by JuryChorus of Jurymen
1962The MikadoKo-Ko
1963The Pirates of PenzancePirate/Understudy
1964The GondoliersMarco Palmieri
1966The Yeomen of the GuardLeonard Meryll
1967IolantheDirector of Dramatics
1968RuddigoreDirector of Dramatics
1969The MikadoDirector of Dramatics
1970Princess IdaDirector of Dramatics
1971The GondoliersDirector of Dramatics
1972PatienceDirector of Dramatics
1973The Pirates of PenzanceDirector of Dramatics
1974Trial by Jury / HMS PinaforeProduction Director, Set Designer
1975The Yeomen of the GuardProduction Director, Chorus of Yeomen, Set Design & Construction
1976The SorcererProduction Director, Set Design & Construction
1977IolantheProduction Director & Set Design
1978The MikadoDirector, Set Design & Construction
1979RuddigoreDirector, Chorus of Ancestors, Set Design & Construction
1980The GondoliersDirector
1981The Pirates of PenzanceDirector, Set Design & Construction