Lynn is the bass player in the orchestra, or in theater jargon, the “pit.” Her first performance was in 2013 for “The Gondoliers.” She will never forget walking into the band room at the end of the first performance to the entire cast applauding the musicians in the pit. At that moment, her heart was forever committed to the Sudbury Savoyards.

She has many loves in life: She loves Phil, her husband of 37 years.  Together, they love their daughters Nadine and Michelle, and their new son-in-law Derek. She loves Physics and teaching Physics at Abby Kelley Foster Charter Public High School in Worcester. She loves Square Dancing and dancing with the Fairs ‘n Squares Club in Framingham. She loves Round Dancing and cueing choreographed ballroom dances at clubs all over New England.  She loves backpacking and spending days in the mountains, sleeping under the stars, eating freeze-dried food and using the Facili-trees. And finally, she loves the double bass and performing with the Carlisle Chamber Orchestra and, of course, the Sudbury Savoyards.

Term ends: June 30, 2023