The Pirates of Penzance - Steampunk Style

The Pirates of Penzance is one of the best-known and most well-beloved of the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas. For the 2014 production we remained faithful to the time and location of the piece but set it in the slightly different world commonly known as “Steampunk.” 

This is a genre of speculative fiction which supposes that Victorian technology had continued to grow and evolve free from the changes wrought by the 20th century. It has been described as “what the Past might have looked like if the Future had arrived earlier”.

Steampunk-identifiable objects such as airships, gears, goggles, fanciful costumes, and inventions making use of available hardware and technology were aspects which were explored as we told the traditional story of Mabel and Frederic, struggling to keep their love alive, while remaining faithful to their sense of duty.

Stage Director: Dennis O’Brien
Music Director: Kathryn Denney
Associate Stage Director: Tony Parkes
Producer: Andrea Roessler
Tech Director: Susannah Kay

Performed February 20 – March 1, 2014


Randy Glidden (Samuel)
Katherine Engel Meifert (Ruth)
Brad Amidon (Pirate King)
Tom Frates (Frederic)
Graham Daley (Edith)
Johanna Shriver (Kate)
Miranda Cashman (Isabel)
Kimberly Moller (Mabel)
Ben Morse (Major General Stanley)
Mike Lague (Edward, the Sergeant of Police)

Chorus: David Baldwin, Susan Beckett, Elisabeth Bennett, Steven Bradford, Herschel Clopper, Phyllis Clopper, Jamieson Cobleigh, Janie Cron, Janice Dallas, Tim Daughters, Meryl Eisenstein, Chris Fanger, Erinn Farmer, Ann Ferentz, Sue Flint, Catherine Glidden, John Gorgone, Jane Graham, Andrew Herrick, Francis Hines, Laura Jacobson, Bill Johnson, Dave Kay, David Kehs, Laura Lawson, Scott Lutz, Laurel Martin, Linnea Martin, Rich Olsen, Mei-Lin Po, Tom Porcher, Karen Powers, Martin Reiss, Mary Jo Reiss, Susan Robinson, Jon Saul, Ellen Simmons, Katrina Skidmore, J. Donald Smith, Roberta Sutter, Erin Van Speybroeck, Katy Weeks, Peter Welsh, Christopher Woodsum, and Marla Zucker.

Set Designed by David Allen Prescott
Lighting Designed by David H. Silber
Costumes Designed by Donna Roessler
Props Designed by Aimee Ledwell
Make-Up Designed by Kirsten Chetwynd
Sound Designed by Shaun Carr

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