September 2022

In this issue:

  • The Grand Duke & Two Ring
  • Ring Lost and Found
  • Annual Meeting
  • In Memoria
  • Show Shirts
  • Upcoming Events

The Grand Duke 2023

Get out your vocal scores and mark your calendars! Plans for The Grand Duke 2021 2022 2023 are underway!

Two Ring Party – September 24th

Two Ring kickoff party is scheduled for Saturday, September 24th from 3:00-6:00 pm at the home of Tom and Nancy Powers (477 Main Street in Hudson, MA). Bring chairs to sit, goodies to share and, of course, your vocal scores.  It will be a great time to reconnect and to review the beautiful music of The Grand Duke. All are welcome!  Even if you were not in the 2022 production, please join us!  

Chorus Members Sought

We are accepting chorus members – especially altos and tenors – (no audition necessary) for The Grand Duke 2023 through the start of rehearsals, Nov 14th. Please note that all participants in the show need to show proof of vaccination and we encourage you to get the booster(s) as available.

Performances are scheduled for: February 24th – March 4th, 2023, at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High, Sudbury, MA.  

Donna Roessler and Lynn Sa are excited to be co-producing The Grand Duke 2023. To join the chorus or if you have any questions, please contact Donna at or Lynn.

Ring Found!

Did this slip off your finger? While transferring our costumes, accessories and props to our new Sterlite bins, we recently came upon this ring at the bottom of an accessories box.  We are sharing a photo in the hopes that it can be returned to its rightful owner.  It’s small in size (probably a 5.5?) with 3 tiny diamond (we think) chips.  There is no inscription inside, other than the marking of 18ct plate.  If this ring belongs to one of you or a family member, or you recognize it as belonging to a Savoyard member, please email Donna. It could have been in this box for many years!

[Editor’s note: we’re happy to report that since this was originally published, the owner has been found!]

Sudbury Savoyards' Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting was held June 5th, 2022. Huge thanks to Kathryn and Bryce for hosting, doing most of the food, all of the tech, chairs and tables, and making music happen. Thanks to Lindsey for conducting/leading the singing with Kathryn, too!
We reviewed our activities for the past year, approved last year’s minutes, heard that we are in excellent financial shape, and voted in our new trustees, Matt Tragert and Randy Glidden, and returning trustee, Andrew Conway.

Thank you to Lindsey Soboleski and Tom Powers for their service as trustees. A special thanks to Tom, for your decades of board work and for support and mentorship of new board members. Thank you to Andrew for his for the last several years and his willingness to re-up for another term on the board. And a hearty welcome to the board to Matt and Randy! Thank you for stepping forward to serve.

Annual Meeting, June 2022

In Memoria

Phyllis Clopper

In 2010, Phyllis and her beloved husband, Herschel, drove their school-aged granddaughter, Alyssa Berkson, to rehearsals and then stayed to watch. They appeared to enjoy The Sudbury Savoyards company and were quickly recruited, with both of them joining the choruses from 2011 through 2016 and participating on tech days. Phyllis helped out with costume construction each year and in 2017 she was a member of the House Staff. Phyllis and Hersch were also generous patrons every year they participated.

Phyllis suffered from Alzheimer’s but was able to stay in her home in Framingham thanks to the loving care by Hersch and their family over these past years. She is survived by her husband Hersch who was by her side for 59 years of marriage, her sister Adele (& Ted) Wiener, her father Nathan, and children Staci (& Craig) Berkson and Rabbi Jeff (& Carol) Clopper and her adoring grandchildren Michael and Alyssa Berkson, and Alex, Sam, and Josh Clopper.

(Image right: Phyllis and Hersch in the Grand Duke 2012)


Debbie Lustiber

Savoyard member Debbie Lustiber, age 57, passed away unexpectedly on July 14, 2022. Debbie was a long-ago member of The Sudbury Savoyards beginning with the chorus of Patience in 1994 and The Mikado in 1995 and then the role of “Ada” and the Producer of Princess Ida in 1996 as well as serving on the Board as a Trustee. Debbie was on-stage along with her sister, Zoe Daniel, and father, Mike Daniel.

In 1997 Debbie served as Chairman of the Board and in the chorus of The Yeomen of the Guard. She also appeared in the chorus of 1998’s HMS Pinafore and again in 1999’s Iolanthe, as a rather pregnant member of the chorus of fairies. She then managed Ticket Reservations for the 2000 production of Ruddigore and 2001 The Gondoliers. Debbie pitched in with costumes, painting and construction crews and was a loyal patron with her husband, Paul.  (Images below: left, Debbie Lustiber;
right, Debbie with her father, Mike Daniel, at Savoyards’ 50th Anniversary Celebration).

Grand Duke Show Shirts

On sale at our Cafe Press “shop” for 2023 Grand Duke show shirts and mugs – coming soon. Get one now and be handsomely prepared for our Annual Meeting and the re-start of rehearsals in the fall of 2023. 

Upcoming Events

  • Two Ring – Sept 24th (see details above)
  • Christmas Carol – December 2023 TBA
  • February 24 – March 5, 2023: The Grand Duke performances, at Lincoln/Sudbury Regional, Sudbury, MA