Policies and Procedures surrounding the Sudbury Savoyards’ Program of Life Achievement Recognition “Yeomen of Regard”.

The Sudbury Savoyards’ Life Achievement Recognition Program is colloquially referred to as “Yeomen of Regard,” a pun on the name of the operetta and a statement of respect for the honorees of the program. Primary criteria for consideration of nominees are: “Extraordinary service in support of the mission of the Sudbury Savoyards as defined in the Company’s Bylaws.”

Examples of such extraordinary service might include:

  • Founding effort in one or more programs of the Company that have come to define the Company.
  • Continuing service in areas not always visible to the Company or the public but which are critical to the continuing survival of the Company.
  • Breadth of significant contribution to the Company across disciplines.
  • Personal sacrifice or contribution beyond expectations.
  • Long-term effort in support of the goals of the Company.

Any Savoyard may nominate another Savoyard for consideration for recognition at any time. Nominations should be made in writing to the Chair of the Board of Trustees. The nomination should include a brief statement of the nominee’s background with the Company and the specific reasons the nominee should be considered. If possible, the nomination should include references for the nominee. These would be Savoyards or others who have worked with the nominee and who can be consulted for more details of the nominee’s work and contributions. Nominees may be still-active Savoyards, retired, or deceased.

Nominations will be considered by the Board of Trustees or a subcommittee of the Board on a schedule the Board will determine. Final decisions on nominations will be made by the Board as part of regular Board business, approval of a nomination being made by a two-thirds or greater majority of the Board members present approving.

Approved nominations will normally be announced during the preparation for the Company’s major G&S production of the year, likely in the program (playbill) for that production. The honoree(s) should be presented, if possible, to the membership as newly conferred “Yeomen” at the General Membership meeting. The Board may elect to announce and present the honors at other times if circumstances require.

The Board may approve as many or as few Yeomen in any year as it finds appropriate. There is no obligation in the program to award the honor every year.

Continuing evidence of the honor will be a plaque, suitably identified as being related to the Savoyards and this honor. The name of each Yeoman and his or her year of induction will be added to the plaque on an ongoing basis. Each Yeoman will be awarded a personalized certificate that includes a list of the accomplishments that led to the award, and a memento to commemorate the award.